Why don't I hit the ball consistently?

If your last set of clubs were not professionally fitted, your current equipment could be to blame for the less desirable parts of your game. Do any of the below sound familiar?

Shafts too flexible

  • Ball flight too high
  • Hooking ball flight
  • Inconsistency

Clubs too long

  • Fat shots
  • Inconsistent striking
  • Falling away at impact

Lie too flat

  • Missing to the right - Over strong grip
  • Over use of hands

Shafts too stiff

  • Ball flight too low
  • Weak shots right
  • Poor distance

Clubs too short

  • Thinned, low shots
  • Falling forwards at impact
  • Excess knee flex

Lie too upright

  • Ball flight left
  • Weak grip
  • Dislike 'tight' lies

Never buy off the rack; always get professionally fitted. Tour pros wouldn't so why should you?
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The Custom Fit Process

Stage 1:
We explain how custom fitting can benefit everyone and book you in for a fitting appointment with one of our specialists.

Stage 2:
Trial the latest equipment and our custom fit specialist will assess suitability based on age, physique, ability and swing.

Stage 3:
When you have made your choice, we will use a combination of static and dynamic test to get the perfect specification for you.

Stage 4:
Within one to two weeks, your very own personal fitted clubs are delivered direct from the manufacturer and we will call you personally to check and collect.

Repair Centre Now Open

Radcliffe on Trent Repair CentreWe can fully customise a new set of clubs or you existing set.

  • Over 50 different types of grips to choose from
  • Check loft and lie
  • Re-spike shoes
  • Swing weights
  • Altering club lengths
  • Re-shafting graphite or steel irons and woods.